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Using Word "Let" In Sentences (Penggunaan Kata "Let")

We use Let to give permission or allow someone to do something. They may do it whether they want to do or not.

Subject + let + object + bare infinitive (infinitive without ‘to’)

  • We can use let us (formal) to make suggestions or to give orders to a gorup that includes the speaker.
     Let us pray.
     Let's have a drink.
    OK, let's all get moving.
  • Shall we? Is used as a question tag in British English; let's is used as a short answer.
    "Let's go for a walk, shall we?" "Yes, let's."
  • There are two possible negatives, with let us not and do not let us (informal let's not/ don't let's).
    Let us not despair. (formal)
    Let's not get angry. (informal)
    Do not let us forget those who came before us. (formal)
    Don't let's stay up too late tonight. (informal)
    Forms with don't, let's (and let's, don't in American English) are very informal.
  • Let me is used to give instruction to oneself; the expressions
  eg. "What time do you want to have breakfast?" "Let me think. Yes, I reckon eight o'clock will  
  be early enough.”
  Now whats the best way to get to Manchester?
  Let me see – suppose I take the M6 form Birmingham....
  Let me just get my coat and i'll be with you.
  • In a very informal style, let's is often used to mean let me.
    Let's see. Supose I take the M6 from Birmingham....
  • Let can also introduce a suggestion or order for someone or something else, not the speaker or hearer. This is common in formal and ceremonial language, but informal uses are also possible.
eg. Let the prayers begin.
      Let   our  enemies  understand  that  we  will  not   hesitate  to  defend  our  terriory  and  our     
      interests, wherever they may be.
     "Your boyfriend's going out with another girls."
     "Let him ber. I don't care."
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