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How Bear Lost His Tail (Folklore From Norway)

A long time ago, bears had long tails and they were also friendly. However, now bears have short tails and they are not friendly. They always growl at almost every animal they meet. How did this happen? Well, let's read story to find out.

Back in the old days, Bear had long and beautiful tail. He was very proud of it. He always showed off his beautiful tail to other animals. He often wagged his tail and that made other animals amazed to see its beauty.

The Fox was so jealous to see the Bear's tail. Unlike the Bear's tail, his tail was shorter and not beautiful. He hated when he saw the Bear was wagging and showing off his long and beautiful tail.

The Fox really hated the Bear. He was thinking how the Bear lost his tail. He had a bad idea!

It was winter. The river was frozen. Its surface was covered by thick ice. The bear had not been eating fish for days. He was so hungry.

The Bear had broken some spots on the surface and tried to grab the fish with his paw. Unfortunately, he could not catch any fish. While he was trying to grab the fish, the Bear saw the Fox was carrying a big fish.

He asked,"Mr. Fox, how did you get the fish?"

The Fox smiled. His plan was working. The Bear wanted to know how he got the fish.

The Fox said,"If I tell you how to catch the fish, will you follow my instructions?"

The Bear wagged his tail. He always did that when he felt very happy. On the contrary, that made the Fox became more jealous.

The Bear said,"Sure...... I will doanything you say."

"Listen, I caught the first by making a small hole in the ice," said the Fox.

The Bear could not believe what he heard. He asked,"A small hole? It's impossible. I broke a large spot and still could not catch any fish."

The Fox explained,"Your technique is wrong. You just have to make a small hole. Later, place your tail inside the hole. Let your tail hang in the water for a moment. If you feel any pain, it's because the fish is biting your tail. The more pain you feel, the bigger the fish you will get."

The Bear was happy Again, he wagged his tail,"I understand. Thank you for your advice, Mr. Fox."

Soon, the Bear made a small hole on the surface of the river. After that, he placed his tail inside the hole. He waited for a moment. Slowly, he felt some pain in his tail. He remembered what the Fox said.

"It is not really painful. I'm sure the fish is small. I want to catch a big fish. I will wait," thought the Bear. Well, what actually happened? The hole was slowly frozen. The pain that Bear felt was because the hole started to squeeze his tail. Finally, the Bear could not hold the pain any longer. With his big power, he stood up and tried to jump. He was screaming in pain! "Ouch!" He yelled loudly.

It was so painful. He thought he caught a very big fish. When he looked at his tail, he did not see any fish! Instead, he lost his long and beautiful tail. It become very short!

"Oh no! Where's my tail?" He saw his tail slowly drowning into the bpttpm of the river.

The Bear was so angry! He just lost his long and beautiful tail. He growled loudly and looked for the Fox.

"Mr. Fox! Where are you? You just fooled me! Come here!" The Bear screamed loudly.

He was terribly angry and wanted to kill the Fox. He looked everywhere but the Fox had gone. Since then, Bears have short tails and they are not friendly any more. They always growl at any animals.
Maman Malmsteen
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