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The Lion And The Rabbit (Folklore From India)

In a jungle, there lived kinds of animals. They lived in fear. They did not live happily nor peacefully. It was because of the Lion, their king.

When the Lion was hungry, he would catch and eat any animals he saw. Becuase of that, the animals were always in danger. They were afraid that they would meet their king when he was hungry.

One day, all animals had a secret meeting to solve their problem.
"We have to do something. We can not live like this forever," said the deer.
"Yes, we have to find the solution. Anyone had an idea?" asked the goat.

The Cow nodded. He had an idea. "Listen, when the Lion is hungry, he always catches any animal he sees, right? Why don"t we offer to him that we will provide one of us for him to eat regularly? That way, other animals can live peacefully."

"But how can we choose one of us to be his food?" asked the Rabbit.
"We choose the oldest animal," replied the Cow.
"Who is the oldest animal now?" asked the Goat.
"I am," said the Rabbit sadly.
"Let's start now," said the Buffalo.
"No! Wait!!! Not now! Let's talk to the Lion first. We have to sugget this idea. If he agrees, we will start tomorrow," said the Rabbit. He hoped he would find a way to save his life.
The Cow agreed,"He is right. We should offers this idea to the Lion. Let's meet him."

Soon, all the animals in the jungle went to the Lion's place.
The Cow dared himself to speak,"Sir, we don"t live peacefully here. It's because when you are hungry, you will chase and eat any animal you see."
"It's true. When I'm hungry, I eat you and not eat grass!" said the Lion.
"Sir, can we suggest something? Instead of you chase any animal you see, why don"t we come to you regularly. That means you just stay here and eat one of us. So, the rest of us can live peacefully," continued the Cow.
"That's an excellent idea!" The Lion was smiling showing off his sharp teeth and that made all the animals were so scared.
"When do we start?" asked the Lion.
"Tomorrow, Sir."
"Good! If one of you don't come here tomorrow, I will continue chasing any animal I see," said the Lion.

At night, the Rabbit could not sleep. He was thinking hard how he could save his life. He finally found a great idea.
On the following day, the Rabbit went to the Lion's place. The Rabbit pretended to be very tired. He said,"I'm so lucky that I can come here safely."
The Lion was confused. He asked,"What do you mean?"
The Rabbit replied,"I just met another Lion. He is bigger and stronger than you are. He wanted to eat me but I said that he could not eat me because my King will eat me. He is laughing and challenging you, Sir. He said that he is the best Lion."
The Lion was angry! "Show me where he is! I will kill him now!"
The Rabbit brought the Lion to a well. "Sir, look! He is over there!"
The Rabbit pointed at the bottom of the well. It was deep and filled with water. The Lion immediately looked at the bottom of the well. He saw another Lion. Well, actually it was his own reflection. Fortunately he did not know that.

The Lion yelled, "Who are you?"
The reflection echoed, "Who are you?"
The Lion was upset. He tought that the Lion at the bottom of the well was making fun of him. He jumped to the bottom of the well to attack him.

The Lion was drowned. He tried to climb up to the surface but the well was too deep. The Lion tried several times and slowly he was running out of breath and energy. He was so weak that he was finally dead.

The Rabbit was so happy to see that. He immediately told other animals that the Lion was dead and they could live peacefully.
Maman Malmsteen
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