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The Six Blind Men and an Elephant (Folklore From India)

Once upon a time, there lived six best friends. They were always together and never separated. They always helped each other. They never let others in trouble.

Those six best friends had the same problem. They were blind. However, they were never sad. They were always grateful with their lives. Though they were blind, they could do things just like normal people.

It was a beautiful day. When suddenly a villager came to those six blind men and said, "Hey... There is an elephant!"
Those six blind men were confused. They never saw an elephant therefore they did not know how it looked like.
"I heard elephant is the biggest animal," said the first blind man.
"Yes, I heard that too. Why don't we go there and touch the elephant? We can imagine how the animal looks like by touching it," asked the second blind men.
The other blind men agreed. They immediately went to the elephant.
Later, they all arrived. "How do we start?" asked the third blind man.
"Don't stay at one place. We should circle the elephant and touch the part in front of us," said the fourth blind man.
"That's a good idea," replied the fifth blind man.
"Let's do it!" said the sixth blind man.
Those six blind men were holding hands and standing in circle. They were circling the elephant.
They started to touch the elephant and commented what they felt.
The first blind man said, "The elephant looks like a pillar." He touched the elephant's leg.
The second blind man said, "No, you're wrong! The elephant looks like a rope." He touched the elephant's tail.
The third blind man said, "No, you're wrong! The elephant looks like a thick branch of a tree." He touched the elephant's trunk.
The fourth blind man said, "No, you're wrong! The elephant looks like a fan." He touched the elephant's ear.
The fifth blind man said, "No, you're wrong! The elephant looks like a huge wall." He touched the elephant's belly.
The sixth blind man said, "No, you're wrong! The elephant looks like a pipe." He touched the elephant's tusk.
Those six blind men kept on arguing and each of them felt that he was the right one. They kept on arguing and the situation started to be tense. They all were angry to each other.
Suddenly a wise man appeared. He asked, "Whaf s the matter? The six of you are always happy together and why are you all angry now?"
The first blind man said, "We don't know what an elephant looks like so we touch it. Every one gave different opinion and each of them thinks that he is the right one."
The wise man smiled. He said, "You all are correct. The reason why each of you has dif ferent opinion is because you all touched the different parts of the elephant."
The wise man continued, "Actually the elephant has all those features that you all said."
The six blind men were satisfied. They all felt happy because they were right.
Maman Malmsteen
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