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Dohong And The Princess (Folklore From Central Kalimantan)

There was a beautiful princess. Her name was Princess Intan. People were amazed to see how beautiful she was. Princess Intan was a shy girl. She always felt awkward when people looked at her.

In the palace, there were some ladies-in-waiting. There was one lady-in-waiting who was really jealous with the princess. She hated when people talked about the beauty of the princess.

The lady-in-waiting wanted the princess to leave the palace! She had a bad plan. She spread bad rumor about the princess. She told the king that the princess was arrogant to people. She also told him that the princess behaved badly. To make it worse, the lady-in-waiting also told the people that the princess would do something bad to the king. The people loved their king and they hated that news.

Slowly, people hated the princess and sadly the king also believed what the lady-in-waiting said. The king could not control his emotions any longer. He asked the princess to leave the palace!

The princess was crying. She could not understand why his father and the people hated her so much. The princess walked and walked. She did not know where to go. She was lost in the jungle. While she was looking for a place to rest, she met a witch. She also heard about the princess' bad behavior. The witch cursed the princess into a bird!

"You can become a human again if you find a man who truly loves you," said the witch.

The princess was helpless.She never thought that her life would be this miserable. She immediately flew away and left the witch.

The princess was hungry. She saw some food on the branch of a tree. She perched on the branch started to eat.

When she enjoyed eating the food, suddenly a birdcage dropped. She was locked inside the birdcage. She was asking for help but no one heard her. The princess was so tired and weak. She fell asleep.

The princess woke up. She felt the birdcage moving. She saw a handsome man shaking the birdcage. His name was Do-hong. He owned that birdcage. He was so happy to see a beautiful bird inside his cage.

The princess said, "Please help me..."

Dohong was extremely surprised!

"You can talk?" asked Dohong nervously.

"Yes, I can. I'm not a real bird. My name is Princess Intan. A witch cursed me into a bird."

Dohong could not believe what she said. He asked, "If you are really Princess Intan, why are you in the jungle?"

The princess explained all the incidents to Dohong. She told him that her father hated her. Dohong was so touched to hear the princess's bad experience. He opened the cage and let bird fly. However, the princess did not leave the man. She asked him to show her the way to the palace.

"Don't worry. I will take you to the palace. I also heard bad news about you. But unlike others, I don't believe that rumor. I'm sure you are not as bad as they said. In fact, you are very kind to people. And honestly, I fell in love with you," said Dohong.

The princess was smiling. She just found a man who loved her! Slowly, the princess started to change back as a human again.

Dohong was speechless. The bird he caught had just turned into a beautiful woman. She was indeed the beautiful Princess Intan! Together with Dohong, the princess went to the palace. They met the king and explained everything. The king regretted his bad decision to ask his daughter leave the palace. He started to ask people about the person who spread the rumor. People said that it was the lady-in-waiting. The king was angry! He punished the lady-in-waiting. After that Dohong and the princess got married. They lived happily.  (Dohong And The Princess - Folklore From Central Kalimantan)

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