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Niining Kubaea's Daughter (Folklore From Southeast Sulawesi)

Niining Kubaea's Daughter (Folklore From Southeast Sulawesi) - Once upon a time, there lived an old wornan. Her name was Niining Kubaea. She lived alone. Her husband had died and she did not have any children. She was poor, she lived in a hut.
Niining Kubaea was very lonely. She did not have anyone she could talk to. To keep her busy, she often knitted dress.
One day, a man came to her house. He looked so scary. He brought a basket.
"What can I do, Sir?" said Niining Kubaea nervously. She thought the man would do something bad to her.
"I want to offer you a baby." He pointed to the basket.
"A baby?" asked Niining Kubaea.
"Yes, I have a baby here. And I want to sell her to you;" replied the man.
Niining Kubaea took a look at the basket. She saw a cute baby girl sleeping soundly. She fell in love with the baby. She said, "Yes, I want to buy her." She immediately opened her drawer where she kept her money. It was her saving.
The man accepted the money and gave her the baby. Niining Kubaea was very happy. She loved the baby and took care of her very well. She was not lonely anymore.
Niining Kubaea's daughter grew as a very beautiful daughter. She became very famous. People often talked about her, mosdy men. They fell in love with her.
Niining Kubaea was very protective to her daughter. She often put some powder on her daughter's face. She wanted to cover her beauty. Well, unfortunately it did not work. People still. could see how beautiful she was.
More and more people heard about how beautiful Niining Kubaea's daughter was. The king also heard that and he did not like it. He had a son and a daughter.
The king's daughter was also beautiful. The king often said that she was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. He would kill any girl who was more beautiful than his daughter!
The king ordered his soldiers to go to Niining Kubaea's house. They had to bring Niining Kubaea's daughter to the palace. Niining Kubaea tried to stop them. Sadly, they were too strong.
The king ordered the soldiers to hang Niining Kubaea's daughter. The prince tried to stop it. ' He said, "Father., please don't do that. She is innocent."
"I don't care! I just want my daughter to be the most beautiful girl here!" said the king.
The soldiers brought her to the pole. They put a rope along the girl's neck. Niining Kubaea was there. She cried terribly. She tried to save her beloved daughter, but the soldiers held her. She was helpless.
When the soldiers were ready to hang her. suddenly the prince ran very fast and jumped towards her. They both fell down on the ground. Accidentally, he saw a birthmark on her hand. He said, "Father., look! She has birthmark just like my sister does!"
The king immediately approached the girl. It was true! She had the same birthmark as his daughter had.
The king walked to Niining Kubaea. He asked. "Who is she? Is she your biological daughter?"
Niining Kubaea said, "No, Your Majesty. She is not my biological daughter. She also knows that." Then Niining Kubaea explained die king how she met her daughter.
The king was shocked when he heard Niining Kubaea's. SLory. He said, "I have twin daughters. However, when they were babies one of them was kidnapped. Both of my babies were very cute and they had the same birthmark on her hand. I'm sure your daughter is my lost daughter."
The king then talked to Niining Kubaea's daughter. "My daughter, please forgive me. I did not know who you were. Niining Kubaea, please also forgive me...."
They all were very happy, the family finally reunited. Since then, Niining Kubaea and her daughter lived in the palace. They lived happily ever after. (Source : Media Indonesia 4 November 2012)
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