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The Man with Coconuts (Folklore From Philippines)

Once upon a time, lived a poor man. Unlike all his neighbours, he have no rice fields. To make a living, he helped his neighbours do the farming and in return he received some money.
One day, the poor farmer was at home. He was ready to offer his help to the neighbours. Suddenly, a man came to his house. The man said, "I heard you can help people in the fields."
"Yes, Sir. What can I do for you?" replied the poor man politely. He did not know his guest. He had never met him before.
"I don't live in this village. My house is in the neighbouring village. I have a field of coconuts and it is time to harvest. Can you help me collect the coconuts then bring them to my house?" said the guest.
"Yes, Sir. I can help you."
Later, the poor man and his guest were going to the coconut field. By riding their horses, they left the poor man's village.
"Climb the trees, collect all the coconuts, then bring them to my house," said the guest when they arrived at his coconut field.
"Where do you live, Sir?" asked the poor man.
"You can find my house easily. My house is the biggest house in this village. I'm the richest man here. Just ask people where I live, they will show you."
The poor man understood. After the rich man left, the poor man immediately worked.
The poor man worked very fast. Soon, he already picked all the coconuts in the trees.
The poor man loaded all of the coconuts into large baskets tied to the back of his horse.
As the poor man started to ride his horse, a boy walked toward him. The poor man asked him if he knew the richest man's house.
"Yes, I do," said the boy. "Just go to the east and you will find the biggest house."
The boy looked at the poor man's horse then said, "If you ride your horse slowly, you will arrive this evening. But if you ride your horse very fast, you will arrive tomorrow morning."
The poor man was laughing. "Hahaha... You're so stupid. You don't make any sense. Listen, if I ride my horse my horse very fast I will arrive this evening. On the other hand, if I ride my horse very slowly, I will arrive tomorrow morning."
"It's up to you, Sir. I just give you some suggestions." The boy then left.
After that, the poor man rode his horse very fast. He wanted to arrive at the rich man's house as soon as possible. He wanted to receive the money soon.
He rode the horse so fast that made some of coconuts fall down to the ground. The poor man stopped then collected and put the coconuts back to the baskets.
The poor man continued his trip. Unfortunately, the coconuts again fell down. The poor man had to stop to collect all those coconuts and put them back to the baskets.
It happened several times. The poor man suddenly remembered what the boy said.
"I think he's right. If I ride my horse slowly, the coconuts will not fall down and I don't
have to stop to collect them back."
The poor man felt guilty. He wanted to apologize to the boy if he had a chance to meet him again. Later, he rode his horse slowly. Finally, he arrived at the rich man's house and received the money. He was happy, not because he got the money, but because he got an important lesson from the boy.

Maman Malmsteen
Maman Malmsteen Aktif menulis sejak tahun 1986 di media massa. Menjadi announcer di Radio Fantasy 93,1 FM sejak tahun 1999. Menjadi Blogger sejak tahun 2010. Sekarang aktif sebagai Content Writer untuk beberapa Blog/Website.

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