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Robert the Bruce and the Spider (Folklore From Scotland)

Robert the Bruce and the Spider (Folklore From Scotland) - Robert the Bruce was the King of Scotland. He was such a great king. He loved his people and wited do anything to protect them. As the result, the people also loved King Robert the Bruce. They thought that their king was a gift from God.

King Robert the Bruce had relatively small numbers of soldiers, however they were the best and the bravest soldiers. King Robert was so proud of them.

Kins of England had been looking for ways to occupy Scotland. King Roberts the Bruce knew that. Therefore he always warned his people and his army about the attack of King England's army.

"We have to be ready whenever they come to attack us. They want to occupy our land and we have to defend it!" ordered King of Robert the Bruce.

Unfortunately; Miat King Robert the Bruce worried finally came true. King of England ordered his army to attack Scotland!

Though King of England had more numbers of army and had better weapons, they could not easily beat King Roberts the Bruce and his soldiers. Soldiers of Scotland were very brave to defend their beloved kingdom.

Sadly, army from England slowly defeated the Scotland's. King Roberts the Bruce did not give up. After he set a new strategy, soldiers of Scotland attacked their enemies. Unfortunately, soldiers of England were ready to fight them. King Roberts the Bruce ordered his soldiers to retreat.

King Roberts the Bruce and his soldiers keplt on attacking. Sadly, they always lost the battie. It was the sixth time soldiers of Scotland attacked, and slowly the number of soldiers was starting to decrease.

Seeing this, King Roberts the Bruce asked his soldiers to save their lives by going to a jungle.
"Follow me!" ordered King Roberts the Bruce.

They slowly entered the jungle. They looked for a safe place to stay. Suddenly, one soldier saw a cave.
"Your Majesty, look! There is a cave over there!

King Roberts the Bfflce carefully walked inside the ca«Se. After he was sure it was safe, he rested.
While King Roberts the Bruce was trying to sleep, he saw a spider over his head was ready to weave her web. He watched how the spider worked slowly and carefully.

The spider tried to throw her thread from one edge of the cave wall to another edge. However, the spider failed to do that. King Roberts the Bruce felt sorry to the spider. He flight the spider would give up. Well, he was wrong. The spider tried for the second time. Did she succeed? No. The spider again failed to throw her thread.

"Maybe this time, the spider will give up," thought King Roberts the Bruce.
Well, he was wrong. The spider did not give up. She continued to throw her thread.

The spider failed again and again. She had tried sixth time and King Roberts the Bruce was sure that the spider would give up. Well, he was again wrong. The spider tried for the seventh time and she finaliySucceeded!

King Roberts the Bruce was so amazed.
"The spider failed forfixth time and she did not give up. I also failled to defeat the soldiers of England for sixth time. I should do what the spider do. I must not give up!" said King Roberts the Bruce to himself.

He immediately set a new strategy. He motivated his soldiers not give up! Well, the soldiers were so eager to at-tack England. And finally, soldiers of Scotland defeated soldiers of England! King of England and his soldiers went back home and never came back to Scotland anymore.
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