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Why Male Mosquitoes Do Not Bite (Folklore From Philippines)

Jendela Informasi - There is an interesting fact about mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes bite humans and animals. Do you want to know why? Let's read this story to find out.

A long time ago there lived a very wise man in a jungle. The man was able to talk to animals. Therefore, all animals in the jungle always came to him whenever they had problems. The animals called him the Judge.

One day, a bird came to the wise man. He complained about the frog that always sang at night.
"Sir, I want to complain about the Frog," said the Bird.
"Go ahead, what did he do to you?" asked the wise man.
"The Frog always sings at night. You know what? He sings very loudly and it really disturbs me. I can't sleep well at night!"
The wise man then ordered the Frog to see him immediately.
"Why do you always sing loudly at night? Don't you know that your singing disturbs the bird? He cannot sleep well at night!" said the wise man to the Frog.
“It’s because I am afraid of the Turtle, Sir. He always brings his house on his back. Whenever he comes near me, I am afraid that it. might fall on me and hurt me."
I see. Bring me the Turtle," ordered the wise man.

When the Turtle arrived, the wise man asked him.
"Why do you always bring your house on your back? Don't you know it scares the Frog?" asked the wise man.

The Turtle answered, "Sir, I always have to bring my house on my back. I am afraid of the Firefly. The Firefly is always lighting his fire. I am always afraid that the flames will destroy my house?"

The wise man nodded. He asked the Firefly to see him. Later, he asked. "Why do you scare the turtle with your fire? Don't you know it scares the Turtle?" The Firefly answered, "It's the Mosquito's fault, Sir."

"Really? What did he do to you?" asked the wise man. "The mosquito has sharp mouth. It is like sharp pointed dagger! Besides that, the Mosquito is always singing. His buzzing sound really scares me."
The Firefly continued, "In order to keep the Mosquito away, I have to light my fire."
The wise man said, "I hope I will find the final answer from the Mosquito. Please ask him to meet me now."

In just a minute, the Mosquito arrived at the wise man's house. It was the male Mosquito. His wife, the female Mosquito, was at home. The wise man asked. "I know you have sharp mouth. It looks like a sharp pointed dagger. Don't you know it scares the Firefly?"

The Mosquito did not answer. He did not know what to say. The wise man continued. "I have another question. Why do you always make buzzing sound whenever you are near the Firefly?"

Again, the Mosquito could not answer the question. He was silent.
The wise man was upset. He thought the Mosquito was making fun of him.
"I have to punish you! I will put you in the jail for a week!"

Later, the Mosquito spent his time in the jail for a week. During the week, the Mosquito lost his voice. He was not able to make buzzing sound. Since then, male mosquito was not able to bite humans and animals.
Maman Malmsteen
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