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The Story of the Coconut Tree, FOLKLORE FROM MALAYSIA

Jendela Informasi - Once upon a time there lived a young man. He was very kind and helpful. He liked to help people. He felt very happy after he helped others. No wonder people also liked him very much.

The young man wanted to be more useful for others. He wanted to dedicate his life for other people. Though he had helped people a lot, he did not feel satisfied. He wanted to be more valuable and beneficial for other people.

He asked an old man what he could do.

"Sir, please tell me what to do. I want to be more valuable and beneficial for other people." The old man answered, "I know one man who can help you. He is a wise man. He knows all the answers to any questions. And you know what? He is also very old. People say that he is a hundred years old."

"Do you know where I can find him?" asked the young man.
"Sure, just go to the beach and find a cave. He lives there."

The young man immediately went to the beach. He was so impatient to meet the old man.
Finally he arrived at the wise man's cave. He immediately talked to the old man.
"Sir, please help me..."

The wise man smiled. He asked, "How can I help you, Young Man?"
"Please tell me how I can be more valuable and beneficial for other people?" asked the young man politely.

"Yes, I can help you. But you have .to obey my instruction. Do you understand?" asked the wise man.
"Yes, I do. I will be obedient to you, Sir," replied the young man.

The wise man went inside his cave. He was looking for something. Not long after that, he returned with a box.

The wise man said, "Please accept this box. Bring it home and don't open it until you arrive." The young man was curious, he asked. "What's inside the box?" "I can't tell you now. One thing for sure, it can make you become more valuable and beneficial for other people. Please promise that you will not open it until you arrive home," asked the wise man.

The young man nodded. "Yes, Sir... I promise." He thanked the wise man and said goodbye. He carefully brought the box.

On the way to his home, he met a stranger. The stranger asked, "What box is that?"
"I got it from the wise man. He said that this can make me more valuable and beneficial for other people," replied the young man.
"What's inside the box?" asked the stranger curiously.
"I don't know... The wise man for bade me to open it until I arrive in nv home," answered the young man.
"If I were you, I would open it now," said the stranger.

The young man ignored the Stranger. He had promised the wise man not to open it until he was home He continued walking. Suddenly, another stranger asked him same question and he also suggested that the young man open the box. Again, the young man refused his suggestion.

The young man met several Strangers who asked the same question to open the box. Well, the young man could not hold it any more. After all, he was also so curious about what was inside the box. He carefully opened the box. When the box was opened, he saw something very shining inside it. It was so shining that it blinded his eyes. Slowly, his body changed into a tree.

He became a coconut tree! The young man was so sad that he broke his promise. However he was also happy. His dream to be more valuable and beneficial finally came true. People love coconut tree because the tree is valuable and beneficial. All parts of the coconut tree, from the roots, stems, fruit, leaves, and the other parts of the tree are beneficial to humans.

Maman Malmsteen
Maman Malmsteen Aktif menulis sejak tahun 1986 di media massa. Menjadi announcer di Radio Fantasy 93,1 FM sejak tahun 1999. Menjadi Blogger sejak tahun 2010. Sekarang aktif sebagai Content Writer untuk beberapa Blog/Website.

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