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The Story of Batu Bini and Batu Laki Mountains

There was a poor old widow. Her name was Diang Ingsung. Her husband had died and she lived with her only son. His name was Angui. He was a diligent and helpful son.

To earn a living, Angui helped his mother collected some rattans, later sold them at the market. Though they worked hard everyday, they only received small amount of money.

It was a bright day. Angui was at the market selling his rattans. A rich merchant came to him and he was interested in the rattans. He was also impressed with Angui's good behaviour. He was polite when serving the merchant.

On the following day, the merchant came back. Angui recognized him.
"Good morning, Sir. Do you want to buy my rattans again?" asked Angui.

The merchant smiled. "No, I don't. I came here because I want to ask you to join me in my ship. I'm a merchant and I need a good employee like you. So, what do you think?"

Angui could not believe what he heard. He did not say yes to the merchant. He wanted to ask his mother's permission first. The merchant understood. He would come back tomorrow to hear Angui's decision.

Angui immediately went back home. He told his mother about the merchant's request.
"It's a good A opportunity, Mother.  If I work for him, I will have lots of money and we can be rich," said Angui.

The mother knew she could not stop him. She had to let him go. Before leaving, Angui asked his mother to take care of his rooster. He loved his rooster, but he could not bring it in the ship. 

Soon Angui was in the ship. He worked diligently and very hard. He was also very polite. Slowly, the merchant gave him more responsibilities. Angui did not want to disappoint the merchant. He did all the jobs very well. No wonder that Angui became the merchant's right hand man.

The merchant had a beautiful daughter. Angui fell in love with her but he did not dare to express his feeling to her. He was afraid the merchant would not allow their relationships.

Apparently, the merchant knew it. He talked to his daughter if she could marry Angui. The girl said yes. She secretly loved Angui.

The merchant was very happy He liked Angui and he thought Angui would be a good husband for his daughter.

Soon they held a wedding party. Sadly not long after that, the merchant died. He inherited all his money and his wealth to Angui and his daughter. Angui then became a rich man.

One day Angui's wife asked him to go to Angui's hometown. She asked him to introduce her to his mother. Angui agreed. He asked his crew to prepare the cruise to go to his hometown.

People heard that Angui would come back home. They told Angui's mother. She was very happy. She even brought Angui's rooster to the harbour.

The ship arrived. Angui's mother called his son's name. Angui's wife was curious. She asked, "Who's that old woman calling out your name?" Angui was ashamed. He did not want to tell the truth. He said, "I don't know who she is. Guard! Ask that old woman to leave! Don't let her come here!"

Angui's mother was so sad. Though she repeatedly called out his name and told him that she was his mother, Angui ignored her. Anguk's mother v could no longer control her emotion. She even prayed to God to punish him.

Not long after that, heavy rain fell down. Sound of thunder was deafening and the thunder hit Angui's ship. It broke into two big parts. Angui and his wife were separated in the two parts of the ship. Everybody in the ships died. Slowly the two parts of the ships became big stones and slowly they became mountains. People later named the mountains as Batu Bini or the stone of wife and Batu Laki or the stone of husband.

Maman Malmsteen
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