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The Story Of The Tongue (Folklore From Ghana)

A long time ago, there was a village. The people lived happily and peacefully. They had a leader. The village chief was a wise man. He was humble and was willing to learn from others. His people loved him very much.
It was in the morning. The Chief asked his Servant to go to the market to buy something for dinner. "What would you like to eat, Sir?" asked the Servant politely.
"Hmm... I think I want to eat meat. Yes, please buy the best meat you find in the market," asked the Chief.
"And the price, Sir?" "I don't care with the price. Buy me the best and the most expensive meat in the market," replied the Chief.
"Yes, Sir," said the Servant dutifully. The Servant immediately went to the market. Later she went home and brought a piece of meat. It did not look good. The Chief asked, "What kind of meat is this? It doesn't look good."
The Servant answered, "It's a tongue of a cow, Sir. Don't worry, although it doesn't look good I will cook it and make it delicious for you." The Chief nodded. He knew his servant was very good at cooking. He fully trusted.
Later the Servant gave him the rest of the money. The Chief counted the money and said, "The meat is very expensive."
"Yes, Sir. You said that I had to buy the most expensive meat. So, this is the most expensive one," explained the Servant. Then, the meat was cooked. The Chief tasted it. He was smiling. He said, "You are right! This meat is so delicious. Thank you very much."
The servant was smiling when her master complimented her.
On the following day, the Chief again asked the Servant to go to the market.
"I really enjoyed eating the tongue "of the cow you bought yesterday. Now, go to the market and buy the best and the most expensive cow's tongue," asked the Chief.
The Chief gave her the money and soon the servant went to the market.
When she went back home, the Chief looked at the cow's tongue she bought at the market. It looked exactly the same as the tongue she bought on the previous day.
The Chief said, "I know it doesn't look good. But I'm sure you can cook it and make it delicious."
The servant just nodded her head.
Later, the meat was served. The Chief immediately ate it. However, he was not happy with the meat.
The Chief asked, "I asked you to buy the best and the most expensive cow's tongue, just like you did yesterday. But why this tongue is not delicious?"
The servant politely said, "Because it's a tongue, Sir."
The Chief looked confused. He asked, "I don't understand. What do you mean?"
"The tongue can be good or bad, it depends on the words or sounds heard by others. If a person's words are kind and sweet, the tongue is good. We are also happy to hear them. However, if the words are hurtful and painful, they can bring sadness and anger. That means the tongue is bad," explained the Servant.
The Chief was smiling. He was so happy to hear that.
"It's very beautiful. I just got an important lesson from you. Thank you very much," said the Chief.
Maman Malmsteen
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