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The Clever Lizard (Folklore From Mexico)

The Clever Lizard (Folklore From Mexico) - A long time ago, in the forest of Mexico, there lived animals. They lived happily and peacefully. They had a leader, it was the Lord of the Woods.
One day, the Lord of the Woods wanted to held a running competition.
"All animals can join this competition. The prize is this beautiful sombrero," said the Lord of the Woods.
"Wooooww...." all animals were amazed to see the sombrero. What is sombrero? It's a Mexican traditional hat.
"So, what do you think? Do you want to join this competition?" asked the Lord of the Woods.
"Yes!!!!" replied all the animals.
Suddenly, a big deer talked. "Of course, I will join the competition. I also want to win the sombrero." All animals were silent.
They thought the big Deer should not join the race. They all felt that the Deer would win easily. So, they protested to the Lord of the Woods.
"Please, don't let the big Deer join the race. It's not fair! We all will lose!"
"I don't think so," a lizard suddenly talked. He continued, "I will join the race and I will be the winner!"
The big Deer was laughing. "Ha ha ha... how can you beat me?"
The Lizard ignored the big Deer. He said, "We can let the big Deer join the race but there is one thing that we must do."
"What is it?" asked the Lord of the Woods.
"Before the race, all animals must close their eyes. Agree?" asked the Lizard.
All animals agreed.
"All right. Now let the race begin. Here is the rule. You must run from this point until you reach that big stone over there. The animal that can sit first in that big stone is the winner."
All the animals understood. They all started
to race. The Lord of the Woods said, "Are you ready?"
"Yes!!!" said the animals.
"Now, close your eyes!" asked the Lord of the Woods.
All animals closed their eyes. When the animals closed their eyes, the lizard carefully walked behind the big Deer. He bit the big Deer's tail! All the animals did not know what the Lizard was doing. Their eyes were still closed.
The Lord of the Woods saw what the Lizard was doing. He was just smiling to see what the Lizard did. The Lord of the Woods said, "All right. Wait until I count one to three. One.... two... three!"
All animals were running as fast as they could. The big Deer did not know that the lizard was biting his tail.
The big Deer was just thinking how he could reach the big stone first.
All animals could not follow the big Deer. Soon, the big Deer arrived at the big stone. Before he sat on the stone, suddenly he heard a voice.
"You can't sit here. I was here first." The big Deer turned his body around. He was shocked when he saw the Lizard was sitting comfortably on the stone. He was so embarrassed to be beaten by the Lizard.
"We have the winner! It's the Lizard!!!" said the Lord of the Woods. All animals were cheering. They all were surprised to see the Lizard beat the big Deer. They all happy that the arrogant Deer got a lesson.
Maman Malmsteen
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