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The Magic Mirror (Folklore From Spain)

The Magic Mirror (Folklore From Spain) - There was a great kingdom. The people lived happily and peacefully. They had a wise king. They loved their king very much.
The king was single. He was not married yet. No one was able to persuade him to get married. The king was so careful in choosing the right woman to be his wife. He wanted to have a wife who was kind-hearted and loved his people.
"How can I find a perfect woman?" complained the king to his barber when having his haircut.
"I have an idea. Your Majesty." The barber spoke quietly. He was worried someone would hear their conversation.
The king smiled. He was so happy to hear the barber's idea. He liked it very much and later made an announcement about his marriage.
It was such a lovely day when people heard the announcement. The king told his people that he planned to get married. People were so happy to hear that. They thought that it was time for their beloved king to get married. He was old enough to have a wife.
People then became so curious. Who was the lucky girl to be their queen? Well, apparently the announcement did not tell them to whom the king would marry. Instead, the king invited all the girls to come to his palace and he would choose the girl to be his wife.
"How will the king choose her?"
"Are there any specific requirements?"
"Does the king say about the age? Am I too old to join?"
Well, those are the questions asked by the women in the kingdom. They were so eager to be the king's wife.
Actually, how would the king choose a woman to be his wife? The king had a magic mirror. The mirror could tell the real character of a girl. If the girl had a good character, the mirror would be clean and clear without any spots. However, if the girl had a bad character, the mirror would be full with spots depending on how bad the character was.
All fathers in the kingdom encouraged their daughters to go to the palace to try their luck. Sadly not a single girl dared to try to look into the mirror. They were worried that people would know their bad characters.
Days passed by and still not a single girl came to the palace to look into the magic mirror.
The king was so restless. He talked to the barber.
"We have been waiting for days and still no one came here."
"Be patient, Your Majesty. I'm sure the right woman would come."
Well, the barber was right! Not long after that, a girl came to the palace. Who was she? Well, she was shepherdess.
The news spread very fast. People were so surprised that a shepherdess dared to go to the palace to look into the magic mirror.
All women in the kingdom went to the palace. The shepherdess was so shy. She carefully approached the magic mirror. When she looked into mirror, the mirror was still clean and clear without any spots.
The women became so curious. "How could she have no bad character at all? As a human, we have at least one bad character," they thought.
One by one the women looked into the mirror. Surprisingly, the mirror did not change at all. It was still clean and clear without any spots.
"This is just a trick! This is not a magic mirror!" said the women.
The king smiled. "You are right. This is not a magic mirror. It's just an ordinary mirror. If you think you don't have any bad character, why didn't you try?" The king was happy. He finally found the right-woman to be his wife. Since then they lived happily. The queen was truly kind-hearted and loved the people.
Maman Malmsteen
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