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Mikko and the Princess Mouse (Folklore From Finland)

Jendela Informasi - A long time ago, there lived a farmer with his two sons. They were adults and the farmer thought that it was time for them to get married by following their tradition. It said that any man who wanted to find a wife must cut a tree and see where it pointed. After that, the man must go that way until he found his soul mate.

The elder son already had a girlfriend and he knew how to cut a tree so it fell down to the direction of his sweetheart's house. On the contrary, the younger son, Mikko, did not have a girlfriend. So he cut a tree and unfortunately it fell and pointed to the forest.

His brother mocked him, "Hahaha... Will you marry a monkey?"
Mikko ignored his brother. He believed in their tradition that his soul mate was waiting for him.
Mikko was in the jungle. He saw a hut. He knocked the door and someone replied, "Please come in. The door is not locked."

It was a girl's voice and it sounded so beautifully! Mikko's heartbeat so fast. He carefully opened the door. When he was inside, he did not see anyone.

"I'm over here," said the girl's voice.
Mikko searched the source of the voice. He saw a mouse on the table! Mikko was speechless. The mouse smiled. She understood why Mikko was so shocked.

"Don't be afraid," said the mouse. She continued, "Who are you?"
"My name is Mikko. I went to this jungle to find my soul mate."
"Well, maybe I'm your soul mate," said the mouse. She continued. "If you marry me, I will be a good wife."

Mikko was silent. As a good son, he had to obey his father. His father asked him to marry, therefore he decided to marry the mouse.

"You are right. Maybe you are my soul mate. Now, please excuse me. I want to go home to talk to my father about you," said Mikko.

When he arrived, his father asked him if he had found his soul mate. Mikko said yes. Later his fatther gave his sons another task. He asked his son's sweetheart to weave some cloths Mikko was so sad to hear that.
"How could a mouse weave?" thought Mikko.
Mikko went to the hut in the jungle. He told the mouse about his father's request.

"Don't woay, I can do it," later the mouse instructed all the mice in the hut to weave the cloth. Soon, the cloth was done and she gave it to him.

Mikko's father was so happy to see the cloth. He finally asked his sons to bring their sweethearts for the wedding ceremony.

Mikko told the mouse that it was time to get married. The mouse was so happy. She asked some mice to prepare a small carriage. It was pulled by four big rats and one mouse as the coachman in front.

Everybody was so surprised when they knew Mikko would marry a mouse. Mikko's brother was angry. He thought Mikko was trying to humiliate the family. Mikko's brother killed the mouse! He threw the carriage with all the mice inside to the river.

Suddenly, from the river a carriage came out with four big horses and a coachman. Inside the carriage, there was a beautiful girl. She said, "Mikko, it's me."

Mikko recognized the voice. He asked, "Are you the mouse?" "Yes, I was. A bad witch enchanted me, and the spell could be broken only by one brother who wanted to marry me and another brother who wanted to kill me."

Mikko was extremely happy. Later they got married and after that they went back to the jungle. The hut was changed into a big and beautiful palace. Mikko and his wife lived happily ever after.

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