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The Dogs and The Goats, Folklore From India

Jendela Informasi - A long time ago there was a big kingdom. The king was wise. He really loved his people. The king always checked if his people had enoughfood to eat. Therefore he always looked after the condition of the rice fields. He always made sure that the rice fields had enough water so his people would never have to worry about not having enough rice.

Besides that the king also looked after all the livestock. The king bred and raised farm animals such as cows, goats, chicken, and horses.

Those livestock grew healthily. They were also productive. The king and his people always had enough meat, eggs, and milk.

The king looked after the livestock carefully. He did not want wild animals, like wolves, hurt the livestock. He also did not want thieves to steal the animals.

So, how did the king do to protect the livestock? He trained some dogs to carefully watch the livestock. The dogs were loyal. They watched the livestock days and nights.

Slowly, the number of the livestock grew significantly. The king planned to have more dogs. He was so happy to see how his dogs worked.

He thought his dogs were as productive as the livestock. Before he wanted to get more dogs, he wanted to decrease the number of the livestock. He was confused which one he should reduce: the cows, the goats, the chicken, or the horses?

"The cows give me milk and meat, the goats also give me milk and meat, the chicken give me meat and eggs, and the horses give me power to bring heavy stuffs. So, which one is less productive?” thought the king.

The king finally got the answer. He wanted to decrease his goats. Later he talked to his advisor.
"I want to increase the number of the dogs. I think they are more productive than the goats," said the king.

The advisor was silent. He disagreed with the king's plan. He thought that it was not a good idea. He felt that the number of the goats should be more than the number of the dogs. The advisor did net want to directly say no to the king's idea. He asked the king to give him time to think. Several days later, the advisor talked to the king.
"Your Majesty, I have the answer for your question."

The king looked happy. He said, "Tell me, should I have more dogs than the goats?"
"I'm afraid it's not a good plan, Your Majesty," replied the advisor.
"Really? Can you prove it?" asked the king.

The advisor then asked the king to follow him. He had put some dogs in a cage. The advisor also put some goats in the other cage. After that the advisor gave little meat to the dogs and little grass to the goats.

Later, all the dogs were fighting over the little food. They were fighting terribly and some dogs were bleeding. The advisor immediately took the food. After that, all the dogs were calmed down.

Then the advisor gave the goats little grass as their food. Did the goats fight? No, they ate slowly and all the goats had enough grass.

The advisor then said, "Your Majesty. You cannot decrease the number of the goats because they eat and live peacefully. It made them grew well. However, dogs were always fighting over food. If I didn't take the meat, the dogs in the cage will die.”

The advisor continued, "Just like humans, Your Majesty, we cannot grow well if we don't live peacefully. We will decrease if we always fight over food. We have to share with others."
The king was satisfied with the advisor's answer. He then cancelled his idea. [ The Dogs and The Goats ]

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