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The Legend Of Mount Wurung (Folklore From Central Java)

There was a beautiful village in Central Java. Trees grew very well. People were also very polite and friendly. They all lived happily and peacefully.

Though the village seemed to be perfect, there was one thing that the villagers thought it was not complete yet. There was no mountain in their village.

The villagers really wanted to have a mountain in their village. Their land was so flat and they thought it would be wonderful if they could climb a mountain and saw the whole vil¬lage from the top of the mountain.

Some of the villagers talked to the leader.
"Sir, we really want to have a mountain in our village. Would you please talk to the Gods and ask them to build us a mountain?"

The leader had heard how his people really wanted to have a mountain. He said, "All right. I will meditate and pray to Gods. Let's hope they will make our wish come true."

The leader was wise. He was willing to spend his time to meditate. Not long after that, the leader heard a voice.

"Why are you calling us? What do you want?"
The leader opened his eyes. He did not see anyone near him. He knew it was the voice of a god.
The leader said, "My people really want to have a mountain in our village. They want to see the whole village from the top of the moun¬tain. Would it be possible if you build us a mountain?"
"No problem. We will build you a mountain. We will do it tonight. But remember, you have to ask your people not to go out of the house while we are building the mountain. No one is allowed to see how we build the mountain.
Do you understand? Early in the morning, you will see a mountain in your village," said the voice.

The leader was so happy. He immediately an-nounced his people not to go out of the house. All the villagers said yes. They all promised to stay at home.

After the sun set, the gods started to build the mountain. The gods who built the mountain looked very scary. They all worked very fast. They collected some big stones and then piled them up. Slow but sure, the mountain started to stand.

However, while the gods were busy building the mountain, a girl left her house. She brought some rice and planned to wash it in the river.

Apparently, the girl did not know about the announcement. She was not at the village when the leader told the villagers to stay at home.

While the girl was walking, she saw the mountain!
"Hey. what happened here? Why is there a mountain here?" The girl looked around and then she saw the gods were working.

The girl was screaming. She was so scared to see the gods who looked very scary.
"Heeellllpppp..." the girl screamed.

She kept on screaming and finally the gods heard it. They all were angry when they saw a human.
One of the gods said, "The humans broke their promise! Let's leave this place!"

Soon, all the gods left the village. What about the mountain? Well, the mountain was not fin-ished yet. The gods had not built the top of the mountain. Therefore, the mountain had flat top. Since then, people named the mountain as Mount Wurung. Wurung is taken from Java¬nese and it means unfinished or cancelled.

**** Contoh cerita legenda nusantara dalam Bahasa Inggris.

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