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The Story Spirits (Folklore From Korea)

Jendela Informasi - A long time ago, there lived a family of a rich man. He only had one child. His name was Dong Chin. He was a good boy. He loved to hear stories before he went to sleep. The person who told him the stories was Mr Pak. He was the family's servant.

Dong Chin really loved the stories. He even asked Mr Pak not to share the stories with others. "Let the stories stay here in my room," asked Dong Chin to Mr Pak.

Mr Pak kept his promise. He never told others about those stories. Time passed by and Dong Chin grew up. It was time for him to get married. Ike. wedding party would be held at the bride's house.

On the night before the wedding, Mr Pak, heard noises from Dong Chin's people talking. Mr Pak was so curious, nobody was inside that room. He carefully listened to the conversation.

"We must punish him! He has been keeping us in this room too long."
"You are right! He will get married tomorrow. If we're late, we will get stuck here forever," said another.

There was a small hole, Mr Pak peeped and tried to see what happened inside the room. He was surprised! There were lots of spirits inside that room. They were the spirits of the stories. As requested by Dong Chin, Mr Pak never told the stories to others. That was why the spirits of the stories were trapped inside Dong Chin's room.

One spirit said, "I'm a story with a poisoned well. If I build a well on the road, he will be poisoned by drinking the water." 

"Just in case he doesn't drink, then it will be my job. I'm a story who has poisoned strawberries. If he eats my strawberries, he will die!" said one spirit.

The spirits kept on talking about their plans to kill Dong Chin. Mr Pak listened to them attentively.

Later, Mr. Pak immediately looked for his young master. However, Dong Chin was so busy preparing for his wedding. He did not want to disturbed. On the following day, the whole family including Mr Pak went to the bride's room. On their way, Dong Chin felt so thirsty. He saw a well. He asked Mr. Pak to get him some water from the well.

Mr. Pak said, "Not now, Young Master. You will get fresh water in the bride's house." Later they saw a strawberry field. Dong Chin asked, "Mr. Pak, I'm thirsty and hungry. Please pick me some strawberries."

"Young Master, these strawberries are so small. You will get bigger and better strawberries in your bride's house," said Mr. Pak politely.

Later they arrived at the bride's room. The ceremony ran very well. Everybody was very happy. At night, Dong Chin and his wife were in their bedroom. Suddenly, someone banged the door loudly. When Dong Chin opened the door, he saw Mr. Pak holding a sharp knife!

"Mr Pak! What are you doing here?" asked Dong Chin. Mr Pak ignored him and immediately ran to the bed. Dong Chin's wife was screaming loudly. She thought Mr. Pak would attack her. No, Mr. Pak would not attack her. There was a big snake on the bed and Mr. Pak stabbed it several times until it died.

"Mr. Pak, how did you know there is a snake on the bed?" asked Dong Chin.

Mr. Pak then told him about the story spirits. Dong Chin was so relieved. He then understood his mistake. He was so selfish. When Dong Chin had children, he told the stories and let his children share the stories to others.

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