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The Crystal Heart, Folklore From Vietnam

Jendela Informasi - A long time ago, there lived a rich man. He had a beautiful daughter named Mi Nuong. They lived in a palace with some maids. Their palace was near a river. The rich man did not allow his daughter to leave and play outside the palace. He always asked her to stay in her room, at the top of the tower.

Mi Nuong often spent her time looking at the river. One day, he saw a man rowing his sampan. The man sang a song beautifully.

"My love is like a blossom in the breeze. My love is like a moonbeam on the waves."

"Do you hear that?" asked Mi Nuoung to her maids. "His voice is so beautiful. Too bad, I can't see him clearly. I'm sure he is very handsome. Do you know who he is?" Mi Nuong was restless. She fell in love with the man's voice.

All the maids shook their heads. They did not know who the man was. "Maybe he is a prince looking for his love," said one maid.

Mi Nuong was so happy to hear that. "I hope I am the love he is looking for."

On the following day, Mi Nuong waited for the man. Unfortunately he did not show up. It continued n the following days, the man never returned.

Mi Nuong kept on thinking about the man. Gradually, her health was getting worse. She looked pale and became very weak. She just stayed on her bed.

The rich man was so sad to see his daughter's condition. He finally found out what made her sick. He ordered all his men to find the man who sang beautifully.

They found the man. The rich man was so surprised to see him. He was not a prince. He was just a humble and modest fisherman! His name was Truong Chi.

The rich man asked the fisherman to sing in front of Mi Nuong's room. Truong Chi was clueless. He did not understand why he was asked to sing. However, he still did the rich man's request.

Mi Nuong woke up from her sleep. She heard the man's beautiful voice. Her heart beat so fast. She immediately opened the door. When she saw the man, Mi Nuong was so disappointed. She was hoping to see a prince, not a smelly fisherman. She was so upset that she closed the door and asked the fisherman to leave.

How about Truong Chi? Well, although he could only see her for a while, he fell in love with Mi Nuong. He felt that she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

At home, Truong Chi could not stop thinking about Mi Nuong. He could not concentrate on doing anything. He even forgot to eat and he slowly became sick. He fell in love with her. However his heart also broke when he remembered how Mi Nuong closed the door and asked him to leave.

Truong Chi was so brokenhearted that he no longer cared if he lived or died. Sadly, the fisherman finally died.

His neighbors found a crystal on Truong Chi's chest. A wise old woman told people that the crystal was Truong Chi's heart. They put the crystal on Truong Chi's sampan. They hoped the sampan would sail to the sea.

Unfortunately, the sampan did not drift to the sea. Somehow, the sampan stopped at the rich man's palace. One of the maids found the crystal and gave it to Mi Nuong.

Mi Nuong loved the crystal so much. She asked her maids the make the crystal as her new teacup.
After the teacup was done, Mi Nuong poured the tea. She suddenly screamed! She saw Truong Chi's face on the surface of the tea. His face looked sad and he sang a song. The song was almost the same. This time, Truong Chi sang about Mi Nuong.

"Mi Nuong is like a blossom in the breeze. Mi Nuong is like a moonbeam on the waves."

Mi Nuong's eyes were filled with tears. The song was so beautiful and again she fell in love with him. However it was too late, Truong Chi was dead and the song kept on singing in her mind. [Source: MI/06/04/2014]

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