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Putri Rainun and Rajo Mudo, Folklore From Jambi

Jendela Informasi - Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl in Jambi. Her name was Putri Rainun. She came from a rich family. She was very famous. Many men adored her beauty. They had been coming to propose her. Unfortunately, she did not accept any of them.

Actually, Putri Rainun had already a boyfriend. His name was Rajo Mudo. They were ready to get married. However, there was something that stopped them to continue their plan. Rajo Mudo was a poor man. He wanted to get lots of money before they got married. Rajo Mudo wanted to work in another place.
"I will go in a cruise want to work in another island. I promise that I will go home and bring lots of money. Then, we can get married" said Rajo Mudo. 

Putri Rainun could not say anything. She knew how much he loved her. But she also knew that her parents only wanted her to get married with a rich man.
"Please come back soon. I will be waiting for you here," said Putri Rainun.

Rajo Mudo joined a big ship. Putri Rainun waved and told him to come back home soon.
One day, a man came to Putri Rainun's house. His name was Biji Kayo. He was very rich! However he was also known as a bad name. He had a bad temper. He got angry easily. He often hit people when he lost his temper!

Biji Kayo fell in love with Putri Rainun. He wanted to marry her. He knew that she always rejected men's proposal to marry her. Therefore, he had a plan. He would talk to Putri Rainun's mother. He would persuade her to make her daughter marry him.

It worked! Putri Rainun’s mother was so impressed by Biji Kayo. He was the richest young men she had ever met. So, she talked to Putri Rainun and asked her to marry him.

Putri Rainun said no, but her mother did not give up. She said, "I know you still love Rajo Mudo. But he has already gone. What if he already met a girl and got married. After all, he is poor. Biji Kayo is very rich! Why don't you marry him?"

Her mother kept on persuading her to marry him and Putri Rainun always said no. Finally her mother threatened her. She would ask Putri Rainun to leave the house if she did not want to marry Biji Kayo.

Putri Rainun gave up. She sadly agreed to marry him. Her mother was so happy. She immediately held a wedding party. 

Not long after that, Rajo Mudo came home! He was so rich. He worked hard and brought lots of money. When he heard that Putri Rainun had already got married with Biji Kayo, his heart was broken into pieces. He could not believe it and he wanted to meet Putri Rainun. He wanted to ask her why she broke her promise.

Putri Rainun knew that Rajo Mudo had come home. She was so sad. She thought that she already made a big mistake. She could not hold the pain anymore. She just wanted to die. Then, she killed herself.

Everybody was so shocked when they knew that Putri Rainun had died. Her mother felt so guilty. She knew that her daughter was not happy to marry Biji Kayo. 

Rajo Mudo was extremely sad. He went to Putri Rainun's grave. He cried... suddenly, a tree grew in the grave. The tree had a beautiful flower. He picked the flower. He was sure that the flower was the transformation of Putri Rainun.

He brought the flower to a witch. Her name was Rubiah, she was a good witch and always helped people. Rajo Mudo asked Rubiah to change the flower into Putri Rainun.

Rubiah said she could do it. And it was true! Slowly the flower changed into Putri Rainun. Rajo Mudo was so happy. Putri Rainun apologized to him and he forgave her. Later they got married and they lived happily ever after.

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