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Tajiri And Maskini, Folklore From East Africa

There was a big house in a village. Well, it was the biggest house and the person who owned it was the richest man. Who was he? People called him Tajiri or a rich man.

People did not like or respect Tajiri. He was very stingy. He hated to donate his money. Whenever people asked for his help, Tajiri always refused.

Tajiri loved to eat delicious food. He always asked his servants to cook lots of delicious food. He was so greedy. He ate the food until he felt very full. There were lots of leftovers. However he did not share them with others, he preferred to give the leftovers to his pigs. He wanted to fatten all his pigs.

Tajiri had a neighbor. People called him Maskini or the poor man. Maskini was very poor. He only had a goat that could give him some milk.

Unlike Tajiri, Maskini could not eat delicious food. However, he never had any problems with his appetite. He had a solution how to eat, it more enjoyable. How? Well, he always ate near Tajiri's kitchen. So, when Tajiri's servant cooked delicious food, Maskini became very hungry and his mouth was watering. Maskini could eat his simple food enjoyably.

One day, Tajiri saw Maskini sitting near his kitchen. He asked him.
"What are you doing here?" asked Tajiri.
"I want to smell your delicious food coming from your kitchen," answered Maskini.
"You what?! You cannot do that! Go away!" yelled Tajiri angrily.
Tajiri was so angry. He went to the elders of the village and asked them to punish Maskini.

Soon, the village elders called Tajiri and Maskini to meet. They wanted to know what happened and find the solutions.
All the villagers also gathered. They were so curious with the strange case.
The village elders asked Tajiri to talk first.
"The kitchen is mine, therefore the smell of the food is also mine. He already stole the smell and as a punishment he must give me his goat!" said Tajiri to the village elders.
One of the elders asked Maskini. "Is it true?"

Maskini nodded weakly. "Yes, it's true. I always eat near his kitchen. If s because my food is plain and simple. Sometimes I don't get any appetite to eat."
"Give us a moment, we will discuss how to solve this," said one elder.
Not long after that, one elder spoke. People were silent, they wanted to know what happened with Maskini.

"This case is unique. We have to be very careful to find the solution," said one elder.
He continued, "Maskini, you are guilty for smelling the aroma of the food coming from Tajiri’s kitchen. Therefore, we will punish you!"
Tajiri was smiling. "Yes! His goat will be mine!" thought Tajiri.
The elder continued. "As your punishment, you have to allow Tajiri to smell your goat anytime he wants it." . "What! It's not fair!" yelled Tajiri.
Meanwhile all the villagers were laughing. They all agreed with the elders' decision. After all, they did not like Tajiri.

Maman Malmsteen
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